Lineartec Vacuum Grippers

Our standard vacuum gripper models can be found below. We go through every customers need thoroughly and build custom vacuum grippers when needed. All of our vacuum gripper systems have a guarantee of working when the lifted objects are agreed on. We also deliver foams to all gripper models.

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Vacuum Grippers

Lineartec 1314.72.74.HVC

Lineartec 1323.114.74.VV

Lineartec 1323.209.74.VV2

Lineartec 1323.253.74.VV

Lineartec 2000.253.74.VV2

 vacuum gripper


Pictures of our grippers in various applications:

lifting massive timber

wood gripper

 lifting wood

pipe gripper

Lifting Device- Grippers


Lineartec 250.253.74.HV


  • Single point attachment with a rapid connector
  • Gripper size  250 x 253 x 74
  • Gripper weight 7kg
  • Lifting capacity 100-280 kg
  • Vacuum -330 mbar ⇒ -900 mbar
  • Suitable for lifting single or several units at a time

  Lineartec 651.114.74.HV
  • Single point attachment with a rapid connector
  • Gripper size 651 x 114 x 74
  • Gripper weight 7 kg
  • Lifting capacity 115 - 320 kg
  • Vacuum -330 ⇒ -900 mbar
  • Suitable for lifting long objects